XLI offer a comprehensive range of personalised transport solutions for exporters and importers by both air and ocean. Put our companies vast experience, global network and strength to work for you, whether this be urgent mining or drilling equipment, large quantities of manufactured goods, live animals or personal effects.

Air Freight


  • Weekly consolidations to key markets
  • Daily shipments worldwide
  • IATA accredited
  • Specialists in dangerous goods and live animals
  • Door to door shipments worldwide
  • Overdimensional Experts
  • Live Animals Charter and small shipments


  • Regular consolidations from key markets
  • Daily direct shipments for time critical freight
  • Courier service for smaller shipments

Sea Freight


Full container load (FCL)

  • Contracts with major carriers worldwide
  • Consolidation and loading of cargo into containers available at X L I Global Air and Ocean depot
  • Shipment available worldwide

Less than container load (LCL)

  • Weekly shipments worldwide
  • NVOCC Consolidations
  • Fast availability and late cut off from our own operated depot


Full container load (FCL)

  • Port to door and depot to door services available
  • Pre-clearance and shipment monitoring
  • Container cartage and unpack
  • Intermodal service available to provide a seamless air/road, sea/road, road/air or road/sea service.
  • FCL Westbound Coastal Services saving huge $ on rail and road.

Crosstrade / 3rd Party Shipments

XLI are not only specialists on shipments in and out of Australia, through their comprehensive overseas network and expertise we are able to assist with

 In todays global economy with buyers and sellers throughout all parts of the world, direct shipping from your supplier in Asia, Africa or USA to your buyer in Europe, New Zealand or South America is a common event.  XLI are able to protect your confidential supplier information from your receiver and confidential receiver information from your supplier, and handle the shipment every step of the way.

Marine Insurance

Do you really have enough coverage to protect the cargo that you're moving halfway around the world? Do you know when you are covered and when you are not covered? Don't find out the hard way that you don't have enough insurance.

  1. Carriers are not liable for damages to your cargo from Acts of God.
    You are. A hurricane, earthquake or other disaster could wipe out your entire business! You can't predict when nature will strike. But you can protect your goods with cargo insurance.
  2. Stolen or mishandled cargo is your company's responsibility.
    Ocean, air, and surface carriers can limit their liability according to their tariffs or bills of lading. If your cargo is stolen or damaged in transit, your settlement may not even cover your replacement costs.
  3. Your buyer's or supplier's insurance is not enough.
    It's risky to rely on someone else's insurance. Their coverage may cover certain risks, yet leave you wide open to others. Purchasing your own policy puts you in control of the coverage options and the cost.
  4. General Average - Maritime law of the 1800's still in effect today means that you could be legally liable for costs far in excess of the cost of your freight if for the 'good of the vessel' cargo of a much greater value is put overboard. See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/General_average.

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